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Empowering Markets

+70 Years of Experience in Finance and Technology 

Seaquake Has Proven Success in Multiple Enterprise Solutions

Improving Infrastructure

Seaquake is on a mission to stabilize the digital assets market with proven technologies to improve the fragmented infrastructure and provide efficiencies in the market 

Seaquake accomplishes this through their core engine, Orbis, which enables increased volume, liquidity, and stability for partner digital asset exchanges


Continuous data collection from all connected exchanges with real-time analysis on multiple time-frames


Robust algorithms and market marking to improve exchange liquidity and order execution times

- Comprehensive data capture
- Low latency execution 
- Stability and transparency

- Access to fair pricing
- Lower risk of manipulation
- Improved liquidity 


Increase volume through order matching which increases the speed that trades are executed, reducing toxic trade flow


Intelligent parallel order management system keeps spread organically tight reducing cost & increasing profit


Cloud-based auto-scaling systems, continuous data collection, and storage allow for infinite scalability


Built on our Orbis framework to allow for easy integration and extreme stability, scalability, latency