+70 years of experience in finance and technology
Seaquake is committed to creating stability and reliable infrastructure in the digital asset market 

Executive Team

Company team

Andrew Katz, CEO

Co-founder and Visionary, Andrew is the driving force behind Seaquake

  • Former Equity/FX/Futures Trader >$2B traded

  • Founded & Exited company

  • 15+ yrs in Finance

  • Ex-UBS, Harvard M.Fin

Company team

Dylan Knight, CTO

Co-founder and Solutions-man, Dylan loves complex challenges and developing creative solutions

  • HFT/OMS engine architect

  • Cloud/AWS

  • Systems Engineer & Developer

  • 7+ years in Tech Infrastructure

Company team

Matthew Krueger, CFO

Matthew is a FinTech veteran with a proven passion for business

  • Former Head of Finance at Paypal

  • Spun-Off PayPal & launched Venmo Debit

  • 17+ yrs in Finance/FinTech

  • PayPal, Venmo, Metal, Wisconsin MBA

Company team

Daniel Large, CIO

Daniel is an accomplished team leader with a proven track record in delivering Finance Tech

  • (TP) ICAP Fusion Applications

  • Internal UK Government Systems 

  • 5+ years in Tech Infrastructure

  • CSM Professional